Andreas is a semi digital entrepreneur and lives in the beautiful sunny island of Cyprus, (Europe). He has experience with internet marketing, building websites, filming, video editing, programming, databases, psychology etc.

Hey, Andreas here!

As you can see, I like investing in myself, as it pays the highest returns (long term), and helps me build different assets* for the long term. Additionally, I am doing my best becoming a better person in general.

Unlikely most people, who always buy materialistic stuff (liability*) for a short term pleasure, true wealth creation and freedom come from building different assets in your life..

and NOT by winning the lottery 😉

Call me crazy, but I don’t want to win the lottery (because that’s poor mindset*).

According to the “National Endowment for Financial Education”, 70% lottery winners lose their money in less than 5 years. 

There is a reason for that. POOR KNOWLEDGE AND MINDSET!

It was a fairly Saturday morning until we realized that we couldn’t get access to our savings and there was a chance we could LOSE ALL OF OUR MONEY SAVED!

(although the previous day everything was normal!)

In the last few years, the economy in Cyprus went down, the unemployment has skyrocketed, taxes went up but salaries went down. Not only that. If you had a penny in the bank, the bank could "use it" to save her ass.

Three years ago our local banks closed for almost a month (one bank shut down), and our small island was about to get bankrupt. I remember those days were very intensive, as it was one the worst nightmares for a lot of people here.

"It is NOT a Financial Crisis.

                       It is an Education Crisis"

We live in a time where everything changes fast.

Having a "secure" job and a "steady" income is NOT that secure or steady anymore.

Not only that, but most of us use our hard earned income to serve our lifestyle.

As wealth strategist Nik Halik said it is NOT a financial crisis. It is an education crisis.


The secret is to have your income diversified.
Generally speaking, to serve your lifestyle in a proper way, you need many of income streams (recession proof in preference).

For example, you can have some of your income invested into "Low-Risk Conservative Investments" and then to "High Yield Investments".

Only then you can use some of the profits to serve your Lifestyle*.

Of course, not everyone can do this at 100% but no matter how much you earn you still need to know how to invest, use, save and leverage your money.

(It DOESN'T matter if you make a million or $10.000 a year).

Of course, I am NOT on that level yet, neither I am an expert giving you detailed financial advice. It takes hustle and many sacrifices, but in the long run it will worth it!

​One option to build an additional income stream (rather than working as an employee in a job), and grow it enough to be an asset, is having your own Online Business*.

To date, in my online business experience, I owned about 100 domains and sold a few with a very high Return On Investment.

I’ve developed and marketed more than 50 niche websites/blogs for myself, receiving 500.000+ targeted unique visitors (NOT hits but real people), with a total of more than a MILLION unique page views!

I have also created videos that have gone viral eg. 40.000 views in a few short months or more  than 1.5 MILLION unique targeted views!

I have also helped a Facebook page reach up to 20.472 organic views (for a single post) or getting 5.000-10.000 organic views for countless of other posts.

I have also built a list of 15.000+ subscribers and helped many newbies start their own online business or move to the next level.

Earning Affiliate Commissions And Revenue From Advertising,
Even While I Was Sleeping, Is A Wonderful Feeling!!

Not only that. It makes you feel like you are a special person.

I remember going to the bank with 3-5 cheques at a time and the cashier didn't know how to cash them out.

"What do you mean Google, Amazon etc are sending you money? Do you work for them?!" 😀

During my journey, I made countless of mistakes, lost lot of money, got frustrated and disappointed many times! Yet I still managed to find success and built my own successful online business and making money online.

I am very proud of my success and the little online empire I have built. (98% of people who try internet marketing NEVER make a dime online). Most people will NOT put in the needed time and money to gain the experience through their own pitfalls or invest in themselves.

But, after a few years of success and because of some personal issues I had (and due to silly mistakes – silly Andreas! 😀 like not being adaptable to the online industry changes), I let my small online empire collapse..​

But one more failure is one more step towards success.

So, it would be stupid for not taking all the lessons and experience I have gained all this time and start in a much focused and productive environment.

There is a lot of "noise" in this industry and trying to catch up with all the latest short term loopholes is stupid. Generally, I dislike all the hype and the noise of easy and instant cash you can make online.

My Asset Building Mission

Currently, I am developing my own niche authority websites (that’s an asset)

and building my subscribers list (contacts of emails - that’s an asset as well).

My mission is to build long-term niche website(s) with 1.000.000 unique visitors, within 18 months or less! My aim is to help people find real value and be able to solve their problem(s). The more value I give, the more money I make!

It is a scalable and a leveraged business with unlimited potential!

How Can I Help You?

Ok. Enough about me.

How can you benefit from me?

I can help you out build your own website or blog (in any niche), plus start building your own list of subscribers (these are assets remember?).

I love helping out people build their own online business as well.

Check out my FREE blog creation service here! - coming soon..

I can install WordPress plus all the essential tools that will help you start a successful business.​

Remember, it’s all about building assets that you will be able to profit in the long term plus having the right connections to help you stay in business. I am creating the right connections on a daily basis that will help me go to the next level while I am helping others improve their business on the same time. 

As I’ve discovered,

The Secret To Success Is Becoming A Better "Version" Of Yourself And Be Happy (NOT Jealous) With Other People's Success."​

​Work hard in silence and let success make the noise..

I am the type of guy who likes working in silence and in the background and let success speak for me.
I am a down-to-earth guy who desires to change his life and avoid being average*, although I am defined to be an introvert person.

We never know our true potential, until we make it!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean only financially, but becoming a better human being in general.

It’s About The Person You Will Become And The Life You Will Have, While At The Same Time You Make A Positive Difference In Other People's Life.

It’s NOT always about the money.

It’s about having a bigger vision in your life, doing what makes you happy and making other people happy.

Who doesn’t want to live a life where you don’t need a vacation from?!

After all,​

It Costs You Nothing To Dream.. And Everything Not To!​

Your friend,


  • * Liability: Something that puts money OUT of your pocket (buying stuff without making anything back and loses value every day - eg. car)
  • * Asset: Something that puts money IN your pocket (eg. investments, website, property - and NO! Owning a house that you live in is a LIABILITY and NOT an asset!)
  • * Poor Mindset: Not believing enough you can have (or deserve) a better life, become successful and achieve more than your current situation, have many limiting beliefs about your life and yourself. The kind of person, who always complains, criticizes or blames other people, sees everything negatively and thinks other people owes him to improve his life. The person who believes that the only way to become rich is by winning the lottery.
  • * Lifestyle: (I am NOT saying lifestyle is about having millions and expensive items. Having a lifestyle is being able to live normally covering all the expenses like a regular person and enjoying life, without always worrying about not having money at the end of the month).
  • * Online Business: If you are desperate to make money (eg. your income for the next 3-6 months totally depends on your online business and you think that an online business or making money online is the easy solution do NOT even start! The easiest way to make money on time is to get a part-time job. Yea definitely I am not saying you can’t make it. I know people who became millionaires, while they had nearly empty pockets, but they had to make sacrifices like putting in the time (like 14+ hours a day for months/years) AND invested from borrowed money. If you have the mindset that you can easily start making $20.000 / month from your first month online, STOP NOW because you have the “Lottery Mindset” and the “Shiny Object Syndrome”. But definitely with an online business you can LEVERAGE time, money and resources and be able to make HUGE money and create assets rather than just being an employee and getting a steady paycheque (a pay raise is a fallacy).​
  • * Being Average: Living the life like most people. Going to a JOB they hate and then spending their hard-earned money to stuff they don’t want, most to impress others. Watching trash TV all day and following all the latest gossip and showbiz which gives no real value to themselves. Not wanting to improve themselves in any area (finance, health, relationships, self improvement). Not trying enough to see how far they can go, thinking they have reached their highest potential.