The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake – Mistake #6

August 7, 2010

Affiliate Marketing

Today I am going to share with you another affiliate marketing mistake. Actually is The BIGGEST mistake that an affiliate marketer makes.

The biggest mistake is..

Not Building A Subscribers List By Capturing Email Address

What most newbie affiliate marketers do is sending traffic directly to the affiliate product. If you are doing this then you might loosing money even when the half of the visitors you send buy through your affiliate link! You will never leverage your affiliate commissions by sending them directly to the merchant.

Let me explain. When you want to drive visitors to an affiliate product you are going to use different traffic and marketing methods. These could be pay per click search engine advertising, banner advertising, search engine optimization, link exchange, article marketing, forum marketing, social marketing or web 2,0 traffic from websites like YouTube, Squidoo, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Delicious etc.

What you will do is struggle to get new visitors every time you want to promote a new affiliate product. If you promote 5 different products you have to do all this work 5 times. If you promote 10 products then you will have to go through these 10 times. Have you ever wondered how much time, energy and money you will have to spend to promote 50 or even 100 different affiliate products or services?

Yes that’s right. 100 more times!

You will never going to leverage your affiliate commissions! Never, unless you hire a large team of people just to promote all these products each using a traffic method.

By driving traffic at your own websites and build your email list, the next time you want to promote something you will not have to go through all these traffic methods from the beginning. You are only going to use one.

Email marketing traffic.

Suppose that you drive traffic of about 1,000 visitors to an affiliate product. Most of all these visitors have never heard of you or about the product. They are not sure if they can trust you, the merchant or the affiliate product.

You are making only one attempt per visitor to achieve a sale. They either buy or not. Well 99% of all those visitors will not buy right away, if they buy at all.

Once you have your own email list of subscribers all you have to do is write and send a simple email message promoting an affiliate product.

People rarely buy from their first visit. They are not sure if that product is going to help them. Most of them want to see multiple solutions so that they can compare the different affiliate products.

So if you don’t collect email addresses, your marketing effort is a one-shot wonder. People like buying from people they know, like and trust. If you’re not giving people a chance to get to know and trust you, don’t be surprised if they don’t buy.

“So what exactly do I need to do Andreas?”

What you need to do is build a list of contacts from people that want to solve a specific problem. You have to use an autoresponder company such as Aweber, GetResponse, Prosender etc. By having them on your subscribers list you will be able to offer them different solutions and when they buy you make a commission.

That is the important thing here. You are providing a valuable service by saving people the time and money of research. You are helping them by giving them the shortcut to the best possible products so they don’t have to waste their hard-earned money on rubbish products.

So how do I start building that lists?
There are hundreds of products that can show you how to build that list and hundreds of different list building methods. If you are a newbie affiliate marketer here is a video course that will show all the steps on how to build an email list properly, step-by-step.

Ok please dont make the same mistake that let me struggle for YEARS online. If you dont have a list get one today!

Thanks for reading. I would love to  read your comments and hearing from you!


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So how do I start building that lists?

I have a video product that will show you all the steps on how to build an email list properly. Just go to


136 Responses to “The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake – Mistake #6”

  1. Justin Case Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I think this is something we could all work on. I know I do not do it and fail to see where it would benefit what I do as I do it. If a body is not in the IM world I guess it can be done, but I have not seen any samples of it as of yet. But I will do some leg work on it.

    Thanks for the post and the great info.


  2. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Justin,

    This is what you SHOULD be working on if you dont want to fail. It is better to start slowly make mistakes, learn from them and improve yourself rather than just wondering if it will work or not. Dont make the same mistake that let me struggle for years!

    If you need help or have something to ask just do it.

    Take care,

  3. Dawn Kay Says:

    Hi Andreas

    Building a list of subscribers is definitely the way to go and should be top of the list along with creating a relationship with your list.

    Great post and I’ll definitely be back for more


    Dawn Kay

  4. Mike Fleming Says:

    Hi Andreas,
    Just stopped in to say hi while making my way around to all the blogs. I still have a lot of ground to cover so I can leave a comment on them. Have a good day.
    Enjoy the Challenge.

  5. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve also have a few posts to comment.

    Have good day too and I hope you enjoyed the challenge.

    Take care,

  6. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Dawn,

    Definitely building a list of subscribers has to be on the top of your business list even when you are doing affiliate marketing. Of course above this should be always the good relationship with your subscribers.

    I’ve already posted 6 of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes on previous blog posts but there are double than this so be sire to come back soon. :)

    Take care,

  7. Michael Pedzotti@software tools for bloggers Says:

    Without a doubt having a list is one of the key requirements for an online business. Not having one and not providing a means to collect email addresses on your page is like having a shop but not opening the front door. You’d be mad to do that :-)

  8. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Exactly! And even worse not opening the front door of your shop in a busy shopping street eg. Oxford street in UK.

    Good example Michael! :)

    Take care,

  9. Gwen Tanner@Product Creation Blog Says:

    If “the money is in the list” hasn’t been engrained into every new internet marketer by now – I don’t know what is going to do it. What you have outlined here are the exact reasons WHY you need a list. So many people try to wing it by getting lots of traffic, but like you said – they dont know you or trust you and once they leave your site, they forget you.

    What a great series you have going on about affiliate mistakes!

    via 100 Comment Challenge

  10. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Gwen,

    Exactly. They WILL forget you. This is why having a list is important.

    Thank you for your good comments. I will write a few more important affiliate marketing mistakes in future blog post so be sure to come back soon! :)

    Take care,

  11. Thu Nguyen@BloggingFor Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    A mailing list is one of the most essential online business tool any marketer must have. While I have yet to build my list, I know that I’m missing out a lot. I just know that I have gotten a lot of great advice so far and this will aid me in launching my list off to a great start. Thank you so much for this tip. I’ll return to read the others soon.

    See you on the 100th comment!

  12. ElizOF Says:

    I have heard a lot of positive things about Aweber so they must be up there with email building programs… Good to keep in mind as I begin developing my own plans to move into that direction.
    Yes, I agree the email list is important especially as it ‘s on of the fastest way most communicate.Stopped by on my 11th hour visit for the 100 comment challenge.

  13. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Thu,

    A mailing list is THE most essential online business tool that every affiliate and internet marketer. And yes you are missing out a lot! Dont make the same mistake I did. Jumping in after doing everything else online!

    Take care,

  14. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Yes Aweber is one of the best and most known autoresponder companies. You can test the Aweber autoreponder for just $1 here:

    So there is no excuse starting your own list!

    Take care,

  15. @nutritional cleanse Says:

    Hi Andreas

    It is an oft quoted phrase “the money is in the list” but it is certainly true. I have proven this myself so whenever I build a new site a lead capture device is always first on the list.


  16. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Anne,

    Exactly.And most correctly “The money is in the relationship with the list”. I am happy for you for having “list building” on the top of your to do list.. :)

    Take care,

  17. Tom Harvey @ Says:


    All too true, whilst affiliates can make some sales with direct linking to products they are throwing money away as you are reliant on someone elses copy selling and also you are giving them customers. By capturing details you can build a relationship and promote over and over instead of just the once.
    Best of success in your listbuilding.


  18. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Exactly. Affiliates might found a sucesfull campaign BUT withou a list they STILL have to gain new buyers all the time. When for example then affiliate product then is out of the market they will have to find a new affiliate product but also NEW buyers and start everything from start!

    Thank you for you good comments.
    Best wishes in your list building and affiliate marketing!

    Take care,

    I am waiting to approve my comment on your blog.

  19. Dave Whittle Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    There is a lot of good information on this blog indeed.
    Building a list is so important but it is a slow business!

    However, getting targeted people onto your list is better than getting a lot of freebie seekers which will always be a problem, I guess.

    There is more for me to read here so I shall be back after I have finished this Challenge blog hopping :)


  20. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your good comments. I will share at least 6 more affiliate marketing mistakes in future posts.

    Yes list building is very important EVEN if you are building that list slowly. You have to think long term.
    Lets say you are having lots of unique visitors every day from different traffic sources (search engines, PPC advertising, social websites, article directories). If suddenly G! or Y! changes their algorithm and you website lose the good ranking or you have to bid $10 per click to get traffic from G! Adwords and you cant spend the money etc then your traffic will be gone! Can you get in touch with all those visitors again? NO! Only by building a list you can.

    And you guess right. If you are building a list of freebie seekers then it will be difficult to make money. You have to build a targeted list of people that is interested to buy the solution(s) of his problem. If you have a big targeted list with those people AND you are helping them with your knowledge (building a good relationship with your list) then you will make money.

    But as I said. Building a good list of subscribers will take some time. Most newbies avoid starting building a list. because they are always looking for the magic button that will make them millionaires overnight!

    Take care,

  21. Hasham from Sell Property Fast Says:

    This is a very interesting topic indeed and you have a valuable stuff here.. I am glad that I found your site! Your explanation cleared my mind about how I can drive visitors for my affiliate product. This is a big help.

  22. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Raj,

    Thank you for your good comments.

    Thats correct. A good relationship with your customers or other people’s customers (affiliate marketing) is one of the most important aspects in a business.

    Take care,

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  24. April Says:

    I agree with Rick Byrd said, “Having a subscriber list able you to build a relationship with those subscribers. Relationship building is very important.”

    This is a new information added for my SEO knowledge. Looking forward to your next interesting post. Thanks

  25. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi April!

    Exactly.Building a relationship list is more important than building a big list that none wants to hear from you.

    I am happy that you learned something from this post.
    I have some other posts that shares lots of true value. Here is one that I am sure you will help you a lot and keep you in the correct track..

    Take care,

    PS. I cant see any opt-in form in your skin care blog. Building a list from your blog is also extremely important thought you built a good relationship with your blog visitors you should let them opt-in so you will be able to strength even more the relationship with your blog visitors and subscribers.

  26. frame rug Says:

    Exactly. Affiliates might found a sucesfull campaign BUT withou a list they STILL have to gain new buyers all the time. When for example then affiliate product then is out of the market they will have to find a new affiliate product but also NEW buyers and start everything from start,my favourite affiliate programs are in the online gambling niche. the best thing about this niche is that once you sign someone up, say to a poker site.

  27. Bio-Ethanol Says:

    I am glad that I found your site! Your explanation cleared my mind about how I can drive visitors for my affiliate product.

  28. Ted Says:

    Yep,the money is in the list,no doubt about it.

  29. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Ted,

    And more specifically “in the relation of your list”.. :)

    Thank for your comment.

    Take care,

  30. Peter D Says:

    OK OK OK already! I am fairly new and admittedly have not even tried to create a list. I know it’s important, but I have always thought I could get by without one. Maybe that explains why in the 2 years that I have been tinkering with affiliate marketing I have only made…aww..I am too embarrassed to say how little I have made. What has now kicked me in the butt was a comment on this blog from Michael Pedzotti which read, “Not having one (a list) and not providing a means to collect email addresses on your page is like having a shop but not opening the front door.” What a great analogy! That really spells it out.

    I got some work to do………

    Glad I bumped into this blog.

  31. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Dont worry. Its never late to start building that list. I made the same mistake as you for more than.. 6 years so really dont worry about loosing the 2 years. Just start building that list TODAY!

    Yea Michael Pedzotti gave an excellent example. Definitely its like having a shop but not opening the front door!

    If you need any help just let me know.. :)

    Take care,

  32. cannes apartment Says:

    have always thought I could get by without one. Maybe that explains why in the 2 years that I have been tinkering with affiliate marketing I have only made…

  33. Dalelorenzo Johnson Says:

    I have made some decent money using my three main blogs with Google AdSense. But here is a great method I have been using to make money online. I purchased a digital product from the ClickBank marketplace and reviewed the product. Once I did this, I followed what I read to see if I would get the same results the writer did. I did a short video teaching others what I learned and then made a recommendation to purchase the product at the end of the video. Of course, I only created a video for the products that actually worked for me. Since these products did work for me, by watching and following the video, you will also benefit by seeing a dramatic increase in conversions. Then I recommended this product through my own affiliate link. This way I could earn commissions on what others sold. The best way I found to do this was to purchase a meaningful and memorable domain name and redirect the domain to my affiliate link. Then overlay that link in the video. I usually post my videos on my blogs and send it to my mailing lists to make money. But if you don’t have a list, then upload it to YouTube and everal other video sharing sites to make you commissions. It’s a great technique that’s worked for me.

  34. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Dalelorenzo,

    You are absolutely right. This is the correct way to do affiliate marketing and act as a real affiliate marketer. By recommending products that you’ve personally tried you are increasing the relationship with your list. Your subscribers will start trusting you and buy your recommendations. Well done Dalelorenzo and keep it that way and your conversion rate and your earnings will increase instead of other affiliate marketers that wonder why people arent buying through their affiliate links.

    Take care,

  35. Mark @ ecommerce store Says:

    Hello Andreasspyrou,
    Thanks, on a related note, Affiliate marketing is one of the top methods of making money online. Unfortunately, though, there are many mistakes that go with it. Even the most experienced affiliate marketers make mistakes at times. The only way to get ahead, though, is to know which affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid.
    I look forward to your next post

  36. E-commerce Says:

    Hi, i think that i noticed you visited my blog thus i got here to go back the choose?.I’m attempting to in finding things to improve my web site!I guess its good enough to use a few of your ideas!!

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