Stay Away From “Auto Mass Traffic” Product!?

September 30, 2010

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There was a new product launch, about a new software called “Auto Mass Traffic”. Lots of guru internet marketers are currently  promoting this “amazing” new product.

As I am always seeking for new ways to make money online I visited the salesletter page and after a couple of minutes I bought it.

To be honest, I was VERY excited!! I didn’t had a clue what this new system was, since all they tell you is what it is NOT all about etc. Its about getting so much traffic that can NOT be achieved using Google™, Yahoo™, MSN™, FaceBook™, Google Adwords™, SEO, Twitter™, Adswaps  Joint Ventures and many more COMBINED!?

BUT hey I wanted to find out what it was so I finally decided to buy it.

I was excited until.. 10 minutes later..

10 minutes later from being excited I got VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Not because of the unknown source of traffic but because of the whole marketing these guys are doing in this product promotion.

When you click on the buy button you are then directed to one time offers. Nothing bad with one time offers, however 5 one time offers is a lot and can make someone angry and really upset.

I was about to cancel my purchase JUST because of the amount of the upsells and downsells! I don’t know how many newbies will have the patience to read all these one time offers.

And EVEN if you have the patience you will get disappointed.

All one time offers are pretty much telling you that the “Auto Mass Traffic” software s*cks unless you buy the other products (scripts/training/seminars/webinar stuff). And of course these have either a heavy monthly fee or just a heavy cost.

So there is NO software involved?

Well the only software I could find (actually its a script) were 2 scripts that can be run though your browser. Ok it doesn’t matter if the software can be used by installing it on your computer or just by using it online but it matter when you pay money to get a worthless (almost worthless) tool. Because the first script it’s a very basic looking keyword/URL lookup tool that basically gives you a list of URLs from search engines based on keywords you type in.

So if you type in the keyword phrase “weight loss” it will find out the top rated sites for this specific keyword phrase. WHAT?!  :-o

Why not just going to Google directly and find them for free?!

Ok the good thing is that the second “script” has some value.

It shows you the “Buyer Probability” of a keyword phrase. If you want to get visitors and profit from that traffic then you SHOULD target the “buyer keywords”, because that traffic worth MUCH more than any other traffic even if it’s the 1/10 traffic.

There are so many professional keyword tools and cheap services out there that can give you detailed information. You can even find FREE services such as the Google Adwords Keywords Tool and the MSN Detecting Online Commercial Intention

So why spend $37 for an “almost not that bad” keyword tool?

With your $37 investment they finally reveal you that this automatic software is mainly a basic guide on CPV (Cost Per View) advertising. The guide is not that bad for a newbie marketer. It includes many screenshots and instructions.

But it is incomplete guide and includes many “forgotten” links. They tell you to “click here” but you cant because … there is NO LINK inside the guide!

They promise you..

A new traffic software that makes money on autopilot and they show you a basic keyword tool which is just a tiny part of the whole system..

They promise you..

“NO crushing advertising costs”

and EVEN 867,9811 FREE visitors!!!

and you find out that you have to pay for that traffic. Ok it might be a cheap traffic source but is definitely NOT a free traffic! The DirectCPV company (Contextual Cost Per View Ad Network”) offers a free $25 Voucher HOWEVER you will need to deposit at least $100 to get started…

Hm.. I wonder why they are calling it free visitors?!

They promise you “3 easy steps”

1. Configure this system

2. Activate the software

3. Copy, Paste & Profit

In other words they tell you ALL you have to do is install this thing and then push the magic button and the just collect the cheques…

Hm.. could it be THAT easy? Well not exactly!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem paying for traffic, paying for powerful software paying for quality information (I am doing this all the time). I have no problem of the hype that all good salesletter have but WHY all this hype?!

Why is the owner misleading the potential customers?

A happy customer is the key to success, not unhappy (or almost unhappy).

CPV advertising is a traffic source where you can really get cheap traffic. However I would not recommend you to get “Auto Mass Traffic”.

Thank you. As always you can share your opinion if you want to.

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