How To Find Lucrative Keyword Phrases And Beat The Search Engine Competition


If you want to make money online you will NEED to have a website with traffic. With the proper Search Engine Optimization you can get THOUSANDS of traffic to your website for free. Two important factors you have to know if you want to beat the search engine competition is by using off-page and the on-page marketing.

Before doing off-page and on-page marketing you will need to find out if there is demand for a keyword phrase. It is important to know the volume of a keyword phrase if you want to succeed. You want to know if people are actually searching for your term ex. internet marketing blog and how many times. By using a keyword tool such as Wordtracker, Google Adwords Keyword Tool it is easy to find out.  As you can see there are at least 8,100 searches for internet marketing blog. And a high advertiser competition so people who search for internet marketing blog are also spending money.

Don’t make this mistake!

One major mistake that many internet marketers do is looking on the search volume only. I was doing that mistake for 2 years! All I was looking was how many thousands a keyword phrase gets and trying to target the keywords with the highest volume.

That’s why I struggled to get ranked my website in Google! I was targeting very competitive keyword phrases that are almost impossible to rank well for them. Believe me keyword phrases with only 500-1,000 searches CAN make you money and the phrases with 30,000 may NOT make you any money!

Ok after finding a couple of good keyword phrases and know that there is a demand; it is time to research the competition.

Off-Page Marketing

You will need to have backlinks to your website with the suitable anchor text. Anchor text is the text used in the link back to a website. For example the following link ->>Internet Marketing Blog<<–, the anchor text is “Internet Marketing Blog “. I am voting the page for this specific keyword phrase.

But how do you evaluate the competition in Google for a specific keyword phrase?  By using the allinanchor command in Google.

Allinanchor is a Google search command that searches for internet pages that contain inbound links with a specific keyword in their anchor text. That way you will know how many incoming links your website will need to rank for a specific keyword phrase. (Of course keep in mind that there are several other factors that determinate the ranking of a page but the incoming links with the exact anchor text is very important for a good ranking).

As you can see there are 242,000 anchor texts with the keyword phrase Internet Marketing Blog. 242,000 pages have an incoming link with the text “Internet Marketing Blog”. That’s VERY competitive. Unless LOTS of website owners links on my blog by using this keyword phrase I will never get a good ranking for this search term..!

Ok by using this command you can easily find out what keyword phrases to target. But there is a problem. Since hundreds of marketers use this command it disables it after a couple of allinanchor searches. I am getting the following message every 5-10 searches.

This reduces my off-page marketing!

On-Page Marketing

If I want to get ranked for the keyword term “internet marketing blog” I will have to include these keywords in my blog. I will need to create content and include that keyword phrase. I have to write blog posts and have that keyword in the article several times.

So when you type “internet marketing blog” it will show you how many websites Google has indexed that has exactly that keyword phrase anywhere in a webpage. That’s On-Page. On-Page marketing will show you how many webpages have a specific keyword phrase.

But even then when I found about the allinanchor command, when Google fist introduced it, I started researching the competition in Google by doing all the work manually. I was scanning thousands of different keyword phrases to see how competitive they are. Sure I found some lucrative niches and keywords phrases however it took me months of hard work.

But everything changed when I’ve discovered PushButtonKeywords!

By using PushButtonKeywords I was able to determine the on-page and off-page

keywords and compare them very quickly!  It eliminates hours of work and finds me untapped keywords in a matter of minutes!

  • You can discover keyword phrases that are virtually undiscovered and untapped in Google, Yahoo and Bing!
  • You can know exactly how much (or more importantly, how little) competition you will have for every keyword phrase imaginable!
  • Save you hours upon hours of monotonous work by completing the research for you!

I can’t stress enough of how powerful this tool is. Just click here to view a video that Shannon Lueck created for you and download PushButtonKeywords now.

Thanks for reading! Comments are always welcomed.

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  1. John Says:

    Nice info! The pushbuttonkeywords look very interesting but its also a bit expensive…

  2. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi John.
    I contacted Shannon (the creator of this excellent software) and she offers the software at a 25% discount but ONLY for a few days.

    If you need any help John just reply.

    Take care,

  3. Free PLR Articles Says:

    Very good information thanks, but this way is always accurate.

  4. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Thanks Carven. I am always trying to help you as more as I can and share with you accurate internet marketing information. :-)

  5. Elayne Fetsko Says:

    I can’t subscribe to your RSS feed. Can you help?

  6. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Elayne,

    Just go to and select your RSS service or RSS software and click on Subscribe Now.


  7. MarkSpizer Says:

    great post as usual!

  8. Caesar@woodfield country club Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I heard great things about this software. They said it’s better than Google Alert. I’m interested in purchasing this product but I’m wondering if there’s like a discount code that i could take advantage off.

  9. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Caesar,

    Hehe thanks for your different comments!

    Unfortunately it seems that the software is currently under developing and will be available later. Also the discounted offer was only for a short time available when Shannon first launched the program.

    We have to wait to see when a new version will be available and perhaps a discounted price as well.

    Take care,

  10. Mark Says:

    Hello Andreasspyrou,
    This question may be a little off-topic, If you are trying to choose the right keyword(s) or keyword phrase(s) to build your website around from a search engine optimization (SEO) point of view then there are many things you need to consider. The first thing you need to think about is the theme for your site and the words that you would use if you were looking for your own site. The best way to pick an ideal keyword is to put the keyword that you believe is the right one for your site and put it into the Google search engine tool. If the results come to sites that are similar and correspond to your site then you are on the right track.
    BTW great blogpost

  11. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Thank you for your good comment and the information you are sharing.

    Take care,

    PS. Did you read the “how to identify profitable niches” blog post?

  12. Mark @ Keyword Research Says:

    “Maximum income with minimum efforts” this statement is truly suited for the users who are in the internet marketing world. A good amount of earnings will come for internet marketers if he/she knows the importance of selecting profitable (lucrative) keywords. So, research is essential.

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