How Can I Help You In 2011?

January 1, 2011


WOW! I can’t believe that it’s already 2011.

Another year is gone for ever and another year in the Internet Marketing world ended. What did you make in 2010 and what are your plans for 2011?

For me 2010 was a year with many “investments”. I invested on getting a mentor, I invested on building my list, on new knowledge etc. Yes it was also another year with newer mistakes, learning new advanced stuff and discovering what works today from first hand. It was the year where I successfully climbed one more level.

It was the first year that made me feel more powerful than ANY other year I’ve been online and I am certain that 2011 will be a tremendous year for me! Ok enough about me.

I want YOU to feel the same thing in 2011.

As you may noticed in 2010 and especially in the last 6 months, there were many hyper product launches with over-hyped promotion. To be honest I bought some of them to learn the new techniques that I could apply in my business. You have to do this because if you don’t invest in gaining new knowledge you will not move forward. That’s a fact!

However, I was really disappointed on most of the products! Some of them were incomplete, some other were trying to mislead the potential customer by 360 degrees, just like this product. (you can read the review here). (By the way I will make another post soon revealing another “bad” product (technique) where you have to fool other marketers and webmasters to make it worthwhile). Every day my email inbox is full of this kind of promotions, promising you the best ways that will make you thousands online overnight, just by clicking a push button! I am sure you get these emails too.

I haven’t tried promoting these kinds of products that don’t provide value and that would not help you in 2010 and this is my purpose for this year too.

Don’t get me wrong. In 2010 there were also products that really worth the money and definitely had more value from all other products out there!

I will let you know whenever I come across a product that will not help you, so that you don’t lose your time and money on it but also let you know about products and information that I see real value in it.

I just love reading your comments or your personal emails were you are thanking me for helping you and saving your time and money or by following the correct path in your business.

Here are some of the comments (selected text. Don’t worry I will never reveal something personal) that give me the power to continue helping you guys (and girls :) ) this year too.

“ saved me some more of my hard earned cash..”

“..It is so refreshing to actually find someone who cares about their readers!”

“If the market was full of people like you, (honest and considerate) it would be a better place and people would not be so worried about being ripped off.”

“You are so helpful, kind and really care about your subscribers! Thanks for clearing this issue without costing me an arm and leg.. :)”

“..its nice when someone puts there readers and subscribers first..”

“Andreas thanks for getting me out of the “newbie’s stage!”

“I contacted other gurus and they never reply. I was just amazed that you replied and you tried to help me with my ebook..”

“Thanks for helping me out creating a better squeeze page…I really appreciated it!!”

“..and because of your advice I started making money after 3 years of trying..”

And many more!

I would like to personally thank everyone  for your good words!

So what are my plans for 2011 that will benefit you?

I have a few small plans and some big plans for 2011. I am not going to reveal everything in this post but I will let you know the one that will benefit you.

  • I want to help as more people as I can in a more personal level, so that they can avoid my mistakes and be closer on having success online.
  • I will try to create as more valuable and useful content that will help you.
  • I will create more helpful blog posts sharing more free tips and other information, so that it will be easier for a newbie marketer to get into the correct way, leaving behind all the “useless” actions.

How can I help YOU in 2011?

I know that there is so much information in the internet marketing industry that it’s hard to be always focused – even for the big gurus. Heard anything about information overload?! :) Not to mention how “information overload” can easily distrust the newbie. I used to be one for many years and know how it is!

Am I perfect? Am I a millionaire guru? I might be not a super guru but just a regular guy that managed to get out of the “newbie’s cycle”, were I was trapped for many years. I am just a guy that cares about newbies and I’m just trying to do my best.

So how was 2010 for you and what do you want to help you out in 2011?

What do you want to learn? With what exactly are you frustrated? What is the number 1 problem in your list? What are your thoughts? Do you have a plan?

Feel free to leave a comment below or if you prefer you can contact me personally for anything that concerns you.

Remember, if you dont contact me then I cannot help you! :)

So, I Wish You A Happy And A Prosperous New Year!
2011 will be YOUR year!
Take care,

25 Responses to “How Can I Help You In 2011?”

  1. Dawn Kay Says:

    Hi Andreas

    I always read your blog because I know that you always tell it how it is and leave out the hype.

    So if you keep doing that this year then I’ll keep coming back for more.

    This year I would like to learn how to create videos and how to market them properley so if you have any information on that it will be greatly recieved.

    Happy new year

    Dawn Kay

  2. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Kay,

    Thanks for your good words. I am just trying to do my best and help people as much as I can. I will definitely continue this year delivering more real value to my subscribers and blog readers, so keep an eye! :)

    OK Kay. I note that down. I will also create content on how to create videos and how to market them properly but also showing my personal mistakes that I made.

    Take care,

    PS. Your blog looks awesome! I like the new theme!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I am just new in your blog. Moreover, I have read a few of your posts so far. So I cannot tell you how can you help me in this 2011 if I not even read all your blog. However, I think it would be great for all your readers and your new readers(me) to teach us or prepare us how this year would overcome for all us in the internet marketing business.

    I hope I am not asking to much.

  4. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Welcome Daniel to my blog!

    The internet marketing world is a BIG one. I will try to help you get into the right direction by writing more blog posts this year.

    You can read all the blog posts and if you have any questions just let me know.

    Take care,

  5. Sally Says:

    Hey Andreas,

    It does not surprise me that you get so many great comments from helping people, you’re a stand up guy who is obviously honest and hard working, my favourite type of marketer. (And very friendly too!)

    Every year, in fact almost every week, we see these products fly out and it’s sad but I know many newbies will fall into the trap of the slick sales pages that promise the world and deliver very little value.

    Unfortunately, we cannot stop people buying these products, only do our best to write reviews (as you intend to do) and point out the bad points of these products, and the only other thing we can do is educate people to ensure they stay away from such products.

    Regarding what do I need to learn in 2011….NOTHING ha ha, I just had to put my plans into action and all shall be well.

    2010 was a funny year for me, highs and lows as always, let’s see what 2011 brings, hopefully it’s a great year for both of us.

    Speak to ya soon, Sally :)

  6. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Sally,

    Thank you for your good words. I really appreciate it.
    I am just trying to do my best. I struggled for MANY years online and I know how newbies feel, working like a dog and going nowhere! :(

    More hyped products are launched nowadays and I am sure that it will continue in 2011. My promise is to let my readers and subscribers know about the bad but also the good products out there. People are sick of this kind of products and are mad with marketer’s that dont really care about them.

    Yea 2010 was a funny year for you. Quiting your JOB and having Alex Jeffrey as your new boss. You can learn a lot from him. So you are wrong saying you dont need to learn anything in 2011. :) I am sure you are going to learn new things that you didnt even thought about. But you are right that we have to put our plans into action. If you have the knowledge on something then just put it in action! Just by “gathering” information cant really help anyone.

    2011 will be a GREAT year for us but also for our readers and subscribers.

    Speak to you soon Sally!!

    Take care,

  7. Kathy Dobson Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Your post hit home on so many points ;)

    This is my first trip here to your blog but I already know I’ll be back. There is a refreshing honesty to the way you write ;)

    As for this year…I am in with Dawn…
    I want to learn everything I can about video…making them, marketing them etc.

    I would like to know what you find to be the best software out there to use to market the videos when they are finished.
    Also, setting up a YouTube account and submitting them etc.

    Hope this is the best year ever for you Andreas…

  8. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for your good words. I am just trying to do my best (even with a few grammatical errors in my English) :)

    It seems that video marketing will grow even more in 2011. I will try sharing my mistakes and my success that I had with video, how to montage it properly etc. Just to mention I have a video on YouTube in the automotive niche that has more than 1 Million views to date and another one nearly 1 Million! :)

    Nothing can stop as from being successful, when we have the information, take action, make several mistakes and then continue taking action..

    My best wishes for 2011 to be your best year online!

    Take care,

  9. Paul Power Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Yes 2011 has come around, and as such, so has the silly season regarding the amount of bad products hitting the market.

    Glad to see along with Ray Johnson, there are others out there flying the flag for honest internet marketers.

    Keep Up The Good Work,


  10. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Paul,

    Thank you for the comment and the good words.
    We will always get across a “silly” product. We cant avoid them. What I can do is tell my honest opinion about a product so that I can protect and help my subscribers and readers.

    Yes Ray is one of the best advisors you can have! But always remember to work hard and be patient. Just “chatting” with Ray will not help you go far. I am talking from experience.. :) You have to take as much action you can and whenever you stuck on somewhere you can ask Ray or me and we would love to help you.

    Take care.

  11. Jerry Lindenburger Says:

    Hey Andreas,

    Thanks for all your help. I don’t take much time to read blogs, but yours is one that I’ll just have to make time for.

    It’s refreshing to find someone as straight forward, honest, and caring such as yourself! Many successful people online have only one thing on their mind…more money…and how to get their hands on it.

    2011 is going to be a very good year for me. I’m going to create some products, and work hard at building (and nurturing)my list.

    Building this business can sometimes seem like a long dark tunnel…you’re not always sure which way to go, or what’s the best course of action. And, you sometimes end up going nowhere!

    My tunnel’s not so dark anymore, thanks to you Andreas, I truly thank you for that!

    To our success,

  12. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for your good words. I really appreciate that!

    And yes you are right. Money will NOT come if you are always thinking “how can I make MONEY?”, “I want some MONEY now! “, “I need MONEY by tomorrow, how can I make MONEY?!” :)

    Will this kind of mindset make you money? Hm I dont think so!

    Unfortunately to make money and to build a successful business it takes time, it requires making countless of mistakes, learning and applying the new techniques, focus, taking action, and of course… money! Yes you have to INVEST in your business so that it can grow.

    I believe 2011 will be the start of beginning your online business correctly. Create as more valuable products as you can, grow your list but the relationship with your list as well!

    Take care,

  13. Christian Marriage Counseling Says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I don’t expect that I will enjoy your post but it entertains me to keep on reading. I am also grateful that 2010 has brought me successes and I hope 2011 will do the same.

  14. Avery Thompson Says:

    Just found your blog this morning while searching for PLR….Great site, and look forward to following your blog and getting great information from you!

  15. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Avery,

    Thanks from stopping by. If you need to help you with anything or want advice on a specific subject just let me know and I will create a new blog post about it, or help you individually.

    Take care,

  16. Gary Wynder Says:

    Hi Andreas!

    I hope you are keeping well my friend! Your blog continues to be one of the real Gems out there in the ‘blogosphere’ and your absolute and unhesitating willingness and desire to help other people online (especially those of us who are really struggling in one way or another to find some success) is absolutely superb and outstanding in the way that you are able to do this for us on a direct and personal level!

    This is a great attribute you have Andreas, and I can promise you that you can count on me to keep on coming back to your blog here (as and whenever I can get the opportunity to do so) time and time again.

    Not even the hugely successful CHRIS FARRELL can match up to the level of personal attention and helpful advice that you are able to demonstrate to YOUR subscribers (which is something which really ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME about him, incidentally)!

    By the way, you remember my blog I had? It was called : Well something REALLY STRANGE happened to it! I went to log on to it one day and it was “GONE”! (I am really dismayed by this because it was up in first place on Google for the search phrase, make nice money online)! All I got in place of it was a redirection to some sort of peculiar looking Turkish “video” website that didn’t even make any sense to me. It looks to me as if my blog must have been somehow HACKED into, or compromised (can’t even imagine how it could have happened). Now I suppose I will have to start over and try to build another one from scratch (when I can get the time)!

    Well Andreas, as always, thank you very much indeed for your time, and I WILL try to be in touch again soon sometime! In the meantime, take care buddy, and my hope is that you will (always) have a great day! And keep up your good work, because that is truly worth its weight in gold!
    Very Best Regards, from
    Gary Wynder (Oxfordshire, UK).

  17. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Gary!

    Good to see you coming back! You should tell your wife to let you get online more frequently! :)

    WOW! THANK YOU, for your good words! This is what keeps me the power to help you as much as I can.

    To get immediately informed about any new blog posts you can simply enter your name and email address under “Subscribe To My Blog:” or “Subscribe to the RSS feed!” if you want to.

    Yes I do remember your blog. Wow. This is bad news. Can you get access to the domain name? If so dont worry about the blog.

    You should ALWAYS back up your blog and update WordPress and the plugins. Use a free plug-in such as the “WordPress Database Backup” plugin at ( and set it to send you a daily back up to your email to avoid any future “disasters”.

    Here is a very good and detailed post on how to protect your self.

    Wish you all the best for your online business.

    Take care,

  18. Gary Wynder Says:

    Hi Andreas!!
    Well, I FINALLY made it back here once again to be able to make another post on your very noteworthy blog, my friend!

    First of all though, I hope you are keeping well and that everything is going really well and good for you over there in Sunny Cyprus!

    Thanks for your email about that $8000 package as an’offer not to be missed’ from John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. Although they were offering such a HUGE collection of Internet Marketing products and services at such a small fraction of that price, for me there were several issues with it that prevented me being able to give it any of my serious personal consideration (which I think will explain why I didn’t get back to you about it):
    Firstly I simply hadn’t got that much spare TIME available (and most likely never WILL have), with which to be able to plod and flounder my way through such a HUGE amount of information and material in the first place! (That’s where a lot of these IMers drive me CRAZY – when they offer all these huge ‘bonuses’ with whatever it is they are trying to sell to you), as if they think you’ve got FOREVER to wait while you have to work your way through it all!)
    And secondly, I just simply hadn’t GOT $97 bucks to spare on top of all my other outgoings to be able to buy it from them anyway: And thirdly, I’ve never even HEARD of either of these two dudes before online so I know nothing about them or whether they can even truly deliver on all or even any of their promises or NOT!

    As you already know, I had to completely recreate my Blogsite because it got ruined about two months this if you remember! Hackers trashed it completely and rendered it totally useless to me!
    Anyway, I got my hands on the Thesis 1.8 Developer’s Version WordPress Theme, and I have now began rebuilding my blog all over again, entirely from scratch! I’m seeing some success already in my rankings in the search engines for the search phrase ‘make nice money online’. (I’m still learning though)! I’ll be doing my best to add plenty of valuable and interesting content for my visitors (when I can actually start to get some).

    One of the things I WILL be doing which I am strongly passionate about is conducting an ongoing SCAM WATCH for my visitors – pretty much a similar sort of thing to what you do, but much more extensively and intensively so! You can think of me as being a sort of headhunter to hunt out and weed out and pinpoint all the Jokers in the online money making niche and warn people about them just for the sheer enjoyment of doing so! Why? Because I am severely pissed off at all of these PARASITES out there (and I am already finding out from my own first hand investigations that there are definitely a few bad ones out there who are raking in a lot of easy and fraudulent money from a lot of desperate people without giving them anything in return for it! People who are desperate to make some money and
    try and make a future online for themselves and their families. I have to go now, but there’ll be more from me to follow up on this at a later date.

    My very best to you, from
    Gary Wynder (Oxfordshire, UK).

  19. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Gary!

    So you made it.. Your wife let you? LOL :)

    Yes everything is good in Cyprus…What about in the UK?

    Ok. Unfortunately if you don’t have TIME to spend in your online business and INVEST MONEY in your business for products and knowledge then it will be hard to make it profitable. Yes there are times that offering several of other products as a bonus will harm the buyer instead to help him. John’s and Dave’s CRAZY Madness collection contained enough and good information. I could offer lots of bonuses but I didn’t because it would not really help the people that bought through my link. (Sometimes yes you HAVE to offer product bonuses as well because everybody is doing it and its a way to keep up with the competition… :) )

    Oh, and trust me. These 2 dudes (and especially John Thornhill ) are “big” but most important ethical marketers in the UK and probably in the whole internet marketing industry. The $97 investment
    in their products was a REAL STEAL! Too bad you missed it! I hope they will offer it again in the future..

    Yes I remember the story with your blog.
    Yes you are correct. Create plenty of valuable and interesting content for your visitors and don’t worry too much about adding advertising or creating the best looking blog in the world.

    And YES again. You should build a list of subscribers and let them know about the SCAMS and the good products out there.

    I could make far more money promoting all the latest scams out there (there are some products that ClickBank shut them down!) but I am NOT because I try to build a good relationship with my list
    and be as more ethical as I can. Ok I will admit that I am NOT perfect, I am making mistakes too (in English as well LOL) but I am trying to do my best.

    OK Gary thanks for letting a comment on my blog.
    And.. wow! Your comment could be an.. article!

    Take care,

  20. Sandra@Valley Lab Says:

    My goals for this year is to really learn how to do affiliate marketing.

  21. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I would suggest you to first read my FREE affiliate marketing ebook at:

    If you need any help let me know I am here to help.

    Take care,

  22. Evelyn J. Parham Says:

    This is a great attribute you have Andreas, and I can promise you that you can count on me to keep on coming back to your blog here (as and whenever I can get the opportunity to do so) time and time again.

  23. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Evelyn,

    Thank you for your good comments. Just trying to do my best. :) Feel free to ask me any questions you might have and will come back to you and help you out or even make a new blog post :)

    Take care,

  24. John Clark@Fiverr tips Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I discovered you and your blog in the year 2012! I hope your plans for 2011 were successful. I am a newbie and like many of them, I intend to get into affiliate marketing and make a success out of it.

    To start with, I am planning to set up a blog for it.Is it the right way to start? And what products should I look to sell?

  25. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey John,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yea 2011 was another year of learning, making mistakes here and there BUT had new goals completed, had new successes and made more money as well! The possibilities are endless. I remember when I was in holidays in Germany last year and I was making money online 100% on autopilot! It was a great feeling not touching the computer for 2 weeks but see that I made enough money when I returned back to pay for my holidays there! :)

    So. Yea sure. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to start making money online. Definitely starting a blog in a profitable niche (read my other post here for finding profitable niches: is very crucial into building trust with your website visitors. It doesn’t matter if you build your own product or be an affiliate. Building trust with your website visitors or subscribers is a very important key for your success.

    You should sell products that solve a major problem (but also a very specific problem) in a profitable niche. Find products that work and can solve a problem that people are desperate to solve it and pay for the information. Once again read my other blog post for more info.

    If you questions get in touch with me by replying this post or by contacting me privately here:

    Take care,

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