Affiliate Marketing Mistake #7

December 15, 2010

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very competitive. Since its one of the easiest ways to make money online thousands of people promote all kinds of affiliate products.

Sometimes there are more than 500 or even 1,000 affiliate marketers promoting a product on the same time! This usually happens when there is a product launch. How do you compete with all these marketers?

You give bonuses!

This is another mistake that many affiliate marketers make. Not offering a bonus!

You have to give something that is valuable to the buyers that buy through your affiliate link. That way you will increase the affiliate product or affiliate service value and turn more visitors into a buyer.

So what can you offer? What can you give a bonus to someone that buys through your affiliate link?

A bonus can be something related to the affiliate product. It can be something that will add more value to the current affiliate product. Just think as you were the buyer.

For example if you are selling an ebook about “Dog Health” you can give a “Dog Healthy Recipes” ebook as a bonus. The easiest way to create your own ebook is by purchasing a MRR ebook (Master Resell Rights) or a PLR (Private Resell Rights) ebook. It is not the greatest bonus because other affiliate marketers might give the same ebooks as a bonus but it’s the easiest to create.

Not only ebooks can be given as a bonus. You can create and offer an audio bonus. For example if you are selling a “Dog Training” ebook you can interview the owner of the dog training ebook giving away some extra tips. You can also do an interview with a dog trainer in your town or anywhere in the world through Skype.

Videos are very hot nowadays. So another bonus that you can offer is a video.

For example if you are promoting a “How To Build A Fireplace” ebook you can give a video away. You can create a video that shows how YOU build your own fireplace by using the techniques and steps that are in the affiliate ebook you are promoting. People will love this since they can see EXACTLY how to build their own fireplace. This will not only give an extra value to the product. It will prove to your potential customers that you’ve actually used the product you are promoting. This will definitely increase your conversion ratio.

These are just some examples but there are hundreds of bonuses that you can offer. Of course although I’ve used digital information products in the above examples, you can give a bonus for physical products too. If for example you are promoting a “Laminate Flooring” product, you can give a “How To Clean Laminate Flooring” ebook or a video or something that is related as a bonus.

But remember! The most important thing is to give as more value as you can to the existing affiliate product. Just ask yourself “what else is valuable for my customer and how can I help him the most?” Make sure that the bonus you are offering is related to the affiliate product and will help the buyer.

Well yes a bonus could take some more time and perhaps more money to create it, but it helps a lot. It helps both your buyer and your conversion rate so it definitely worth’s your time and money.

Ok thanks for reading.

As always I would LOVE to read your comments!

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19 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Mistake #7”

  1. Gary Wynder Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for your email. I just read your blog post about Auto Mass Traffic : ANOTHER “MAGIC PUSH-BUTTON” (Bullshit) “Guru” product launch!
    Nice post about this on your blog about all the upsells and one time offers they then try to assail you with. These kind of jerks who seem to abound on the internet with this sort of worthless CRAP really annoy me!! They deserve to be locked up for obtaining money by dishonesty and unscrupulous practices!
    My own blog (which I’ve just started building properly) can be found by just typing into Google ‘make nice money online’ without quotes and it comes up in No 1 position for organic traffic. I’ve called it and I am going to focus on building it up more and more better over the coming months and making it more serious and much bigger and better and popular yet! (Fingers crossed!)

    The links under this email in my ‘email signature’ will show you some very helpful and very genuine great online marketing courses for newbies, and all very affordable!

    Best Regards to you Andreas, from Gary

    Your path to learning how you can start making money online starts right here!



  2. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Gary!

    Thank you for leaving a comment.

    Well yes internet marketing is a wild jungle isnt it? :)
    This is why I try to help people as much as I can. After so many years online I STILL sometimes fell in these “traps”. I will
    make another blog post about some other “bad” product that looked REALLY great, soon. It was not only a hyped product but its strategy was somehow “lying” to other internet marketers and webmasters to get the desired results.

    Anyhow, I visited your blog. Although it is smaller than mine it contains useful and real information from a real guy.

    Congratulations. Keep doing this.

    It needs some tweaks though. I am getting an extra space in the right side. Try to fix this manually or just use another
    theme and see which one looks better.

    Add a proper title using your selected keyword phrase and remove your domain name text. Adding your name is also good so that when people search for you they can easily find your blog.

    Although I dont want to disappoint you I have to tell you this. I went to my favorite keyword tools and it seems that your

    selected keyword phrase “make nice money online” is not searched by many people (perhaps less than 5 or 10 searches per month!) :( However its good when used as a domain name and as a blog. Just try targeting some other keyword phrases.

    Although not many people are searching this, not many marketers/webmasters are targeting this keyword phrase so there is minimal competition. Yes! EVEN when there are 176.000.000 search results on Google there is no really competition!

    Here is another “secret”. If you have a domain name with the exact keyword phrases (eg. make nice money online and you have it will be easier to rank on Google! Of course depending on the keyword phrase competition you will need to get backlinks to your blog, apply different SEO techniques etc.

    Now considering your signature. Please try to keep it shorter with one or two links in the future (eg. your blog) so your
    comment doesnt looks as spam.

    Ok Gary once again thanks for commenting and if you need anything else just reply here or by email! :)

    Take care,

  3. Steen Rasmussen Says:

    Thanks Adreas!
    I think that is just one of thosse mistake i have made on the way to make y setup, i would work hard forvard to alway not just send my offer but also give a great bonus usefull bonus in my campange

  4. Leelin Says:

    Hey Andreas
    Good article, and so true! Everybody always wants something extra, something for free. And if it compliments the product you are promoting so much the better.
    Freebies get more clicks no matter where the click leads.

  5. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Steen!

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Yes thats true. Always try giving a related bonus that will give real value and help people. If you give a “cat” related bonus on an eg. “dog training” product then you are not giving a real value to the potential buyer. Most dog owners will never need a “cat” related bonus.. :)

    Another mistake that many do is that they just copy and paste the ready made promotional email and click then click the send button. I used to be making this mistake several times.. :)

    Take care,

    PS. Try adding a title on your blog instead of just the domain name.

  6. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Leelin!

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Yes of course. And to be honest… most potential buyers are looking for a free bonus before buying the actual product. If you find a bonus that is valuable for you then you will definitely buy through his affiliate link.

    Would you buy through my link if I was going to help you have a better opt-in conversion for your “How To Write Persuasive Articles” free report if you wanted to buy for example a “squeeze page builder software”?

    Would you buy if I was going to give you another extra related report?

    This is how you have to think Leelin! How can I give more value to my subscribers and potential buyers of a product. :)

    Another mistake that many do is that they just copy and paste the ready made promotional email and click then click the send button. I used to be making this mistake several times.. :)

    Hope this helps Leelin.

    Take care,

  7. Gary Wynder Says:

    Hi Andreas!

    Many thanks for your input about my post and about my site!
    I appreciate your concern and your thoughtfulness, and I can see both from your emails and from your responses here that you really care alot about other people you come into contact with online who happen to be experiencing problems.
    Especially if they are newcomers or if they are struggling with different things related to IM matters, which you can relate to or identify with as a result of your own experiences when you were just starting out.
    I will be back when I’ve more time to read again more attentively your comments in your reply to my post. Great stuff, Andreas, and much appreciated. I am still learning, and I am still a comparative newbie, so I will be able to definitely benefit quite considerably from your advice. Thank you very much for your help.

    Best Regards from Gary

  8. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Gary!

    Thank you for your awesome feedback! I am just trying to do my best and help newbies like you. Well I know how it is being a newbie (I used to be a newbie for many YEARS!) struggling online, so I know how you may feel right now.

    Yes experience and making mistakes can really help you. Because without trying and failing first you will not succeed! :)

    And dont worry. I.M. is a never end knowledge! There are so many things that we learn every day that we all feel newbies when we come across with a newer technique and information.

    Ok Gary, get back whenever you can and ask me anything that bothers you. I would love to help you as more as I can.

    Take care,

  9. Jerry Lindenburger Says:

    I’ve just come to realize this is a mistake I’ve made for the last couple of years, hence my dismal trickle of affiliate sales.

    If only I had taken your advice then, I would be so much more successful today!

    Giving a relative bonus is just so easy to do too! I mean giving a few plr products that will help out the customer couldn’t be easier.

    I’m starting to realize that if you truly have your customers best interests at heart…not only will you get more sales, but you will have customers who really trust you and WANT to buy your products and services!

    It’s a real win-win, and something I’m going to do for each and every campaign I enter from now on!

    Thanks for this insightful post, and sharing your expertise with us Andreas.

  10. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Yes NOT giving a bonus is one of the biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing. The easiest way to create a digital product bonus is by giving PLR/MRR products or creating a new one from a PLR product.

    I would also let you know about this small “warning” that not many marketers are telling you. Sometimes and in some niches it doesn’t work that well because most affiliate marketers nowadays, is giving away digital bonuses such as PLR products. Try giving unique bonuses that will give REAL more value to the affiliate product.

    Did you read the Affiliate Promo Formula? If you did then you know what I mean! :)

    And definitely having your customers at heart is a MUST!

    Take care,

  11. Damien Says:

    I agree. Bonuses are perfect to sweeten the deal. I can’t tell you how many customers I got after I offered bonuses, like free eBooks or money back guarantee on my product.

  12. motorcycle lawyer Says:

    Exactly. Affiliates might found a successful campaign BUT without a list they STILL have to gain new buyers all the time. When for example then affiliate product then is out of the market they will have to find a new affiliate product but also NEW buyers and start everything from start.

  13. Mark @ Affiliate marketing Says:

    Hi There Andreasspyrou,
    Thanks, on a related note, It is believed that the easiest way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. The truth is that not everyone makes money with it. In fact, most affiliates don’t earn any commissions at all because they are committing affiliate marketing mistakes that are setting them up for failure.
    Keep up the good work

  14. hvac degree Says:

    Like giving bonuses there are many other mistakes which effect the Affiliate Marketing such as Creating Banner Page, Advertising products that have nothing to do with your site, Selling products you have never used, Not Promoting your website. etc…

  15. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You are absolutely right. Tons of mistakes are made every day by affiliate marketers and one of them is not giving a bonus that gives an extra value to a product that can help others.

    You can find the most important mistakes in my FREE ebook here.

    Take care,

  16. Gary Wynder Says:

    Hi Andreas!
    How do you get your own photo (avatar) to display next to your comment replies like you have in the blue box above,
    instead of the default ‘mystery man’ avatar?
    I would be grateful if you can tell me how to do this.
    Best Regards from
    Gary Wynder

  17. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Gary!

    In mine blog I can see your avatar (photo).
    I assume the problem is on your blog?!

    Well go to and create a NEW account and use the SAME email address as you’ve registered as an administrator for your blog.

    Hope this helps.. :)


  18. Elmer@budget moving rental trucks Says:

    We absolutely love your blog and find nearly all of your
    post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content for yourself?
    I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome site!

  19. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Elmer,

    Thank you for your good comments. I really appreciate it.

    Yea definitely I can have guest posts on my blog (that are acceptable by me).
    Please contact me and send me a sample of the blog content you can offer and we can have a further discussion.

    Take care,

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