Hi, my name is Andreas and I live in the beautiful island of Cyprus (Europe).

Just like most of us in the search for different opportunities to make money online I fall into many “Get Rich Quick” schemes losing lots of money and time (and I mean a LOT).

I’ve been “jumping” from one opportunity into another, promising me instant overnight riches and FAILED miserably. Nothing seemed to be working although the fake gurus did.

Believe me many products out there are misleading you to the wrong direction and unethical marketers know that but they won’t tell you. All these years, I’ve been subscribed in more of 250+ other internet marketer’s lists and I know who I can trust and whom I won’t no matter how good their offer is. Here you can find a list of internet marketers and products that I personally trust.

I’ve been in expensive coaching classes, webinars, live seminars and also had my own mentors where I learn a lot! Most $47 ebooks will not teach how to build your own successful online business.

Luckily after 7 years online with lots of failures I started having success online with various affiliate programs such as Clickbank, PayDotCom and advertising such as Adsense that I had on my niche websites. Some of my niche sites produced almost a million visitors on the site other almost 100.0000 producing me passive income. Also I managed to have a few niche videos with millions of views, created a list of subscribers with thousands of leads etc.

Of course not everything will work that well. But when they work they do work extremely well.

So what’s in for YOU?

My goal is to help as many people as I can succeed online.

I truly believe that anyone can succeed if they have the correct direction, knowledge and most importantly the correct mindset! Follow the track that the fake gurus are pointing you and you will never succeed online but only behave as a hamster in his wheel going nowhere!

Invest your time and money on things that work today and you WILL see results like I did!

If you are a newbie be sure to read my newbies guide.

Any questions, just ask!

To our success