October 27, 2011


WOW! I cant believe it. I made it to the BIG 3-0 already.. Time flies I guess..

I remember when I first tried to “make it” online a few years ago and wanted to become a millionaire by the age of 30.

Well to be honest I am not an internet millionaire BUT by my 30 I broke the $100k and my online income is growing every year which its extremely good (when you also consider there is the world recession!!) :)

Most people struggle online for years and not make a single dime online.

NOT a single dime! Just spending their hard earned money in fake information! :(

I was one of those guys that were buying every new shiny product promising you overnight riches, believing that I would become a millionaire overnight.. how idiot I was.. :(

Please NEVER buy those scammy products. It will never work for you.. This is the hard truth that none wants to know but most will fell in the “newbie’s trap” going nowhere like a hamster in the hamster wheel..

Anyhow, after many years of failure, with trial and error and with other people’s help (this is crucial), I successfully got all the pieces of the puzzle together and broke the Newbie’s code and now I am making money on the internet on autopilot  every single day!

I remember hitting my first $100 day and my first $380 day.

I remember when I was in Germany this summer for holidays enjoying myself and knowing that by the time I return the expenses will be already be paid.. :)

I might not be a millionaire but I remember my first 1 million visitors to my websites.

I remember when two of niche videos hit the 1 million views on YouTube and become a YouTube “millionaire”! LOL :)

I remember celebrating my BIG 30 birthday doing absolutely NOTHING for my online business  on my birthday (just replying to my friends on Facebook for the birthday wishes – nothing else) but STILL made $119 online.. :)

Actually I wasn’t much online the last 30 days but the money was still rolling in most completely on autopilot! It might not be the hugest amount that I earned online but earning money while celebrating or sleeping is a dream that internet marketing can give you.

I can tell you. Its a wonderful feeling!

I could make MUCH more money if I wanted by promoting you crappy shinny products every single day but YOU are more important than the extra cash I could “steal” from you..  :-0 You see I prefer helping people… :)

Do you want me to help you succeed online?

So to celebrate my birthday I am going to make some CRAZY offers for you for the next 30 days and try to help as more people as I can..

REAL offers and priceless bonuses that will help YOU start making money online avoiding all the fake information and scammy products .

 Just reply to this blog post or contact me privately.

Remember if you dont take action if you dont ask for real help then NONE will help you but only scam you..

Wish you all the best and thanks everyone for your birthday wishes!

You Will Succeed!


27 Responses to “3-0”

  1. Caesar@boca raton luxury homes Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    First of all i’d like to say happy birthday. It’s good to know that your business is doing great. To be honest, i envy you. You’re making a tons of money online and without really doing anything difficult. Anyways, i look forward to your crazy offers and i wish you all the best.

  2. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Caesar!

    Thanks for your birthday wishes!

    Yea although I will admit there are some “bad” business days, my online business is doing very well and I am very happy!! :) Remember you have to always move forward and accept that there will be some bad days and especially in the beginning. If you stop then you will fail. If you accept help, develop the correct mindset and take action then success will come. I admire marketers like Mike Filsaime, Ray Johnson, John Thornhill etc and sometimes envy them a little bit. But remember Caesar that by envying marketers that are a little bit more successful than you will NEVER make you money. We are following them to get their help and most importantly take action.

    Keep an eye on my next mailings. If you are not on my list you can get by simply entering your name and email in the form under “Get Notifed For The New FREE Blog Updates”.

    You Will Succeed!

  3. asteriia@lethal commission Says:

    you know right now, i’m 22 and plan to be a millionaire by the age of 25 Lol. I hope I do make it by then.

  4. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Asteriia,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Remember by hoping only or by only saying I’ll be a millionaire by age 25 you are not going to get there (at least with internet marketing). Yes its important to have the vision but you also have to take massive action.

    Anything is possible! I wish you all the best.

    Take care,

  5. James Woodfield Says:

    Happy Birthday, Andreas!

    Congratulations on your success to date.

    It’s a shame that many other marketers (even older than you!) haven’t become wise enough to understand what you already know – that it’s better to spend your life helping people, rather than pursuing short-term profits by promoting ‘crappy shiny products’.

    With all good wishes for an even more prosperous future,


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday- have been a silent follower for a couple of months now- So what does it take to make it online? I have been building websites for some months now- but simply the conversion rate is so low. Would like to hear from your side? Making it at 30 seems to be a cool idea.

    Regards from Germany.

    Chest acne remedies

  7. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Thank you James for your birthday wishes and for your good comments!

    Its not always about making money you know. I’m trying to do my best helping others even if I am younger than some other marketers (lol).

    I might not be making millions online but my income is steady and grows by doing proper internet marketing and pays my bills every month! :) My goal is to profit long-term because as you know short-term will not last… :)

    Most newbies only care about how to make money by doing absolutely nothing. I often hear people saying.. “Arg I have some financial problems and want to make money online!!”, “How do I make money (like millions) fast (like by tomorrow morning) and easily (like just clicking a push button)”..

    YES I was also thinking like this (BIG shame for me.. :) ) a few years ago that and didn’t wanted to help anyone which was totally wrong.

    Anyhow I’m into a different position right now hehe :)

    My best wishes for a prosperous future for you too James!

    Take care,

    PS. I like your “You will not receive endless offers…only updates and bonuses” statement in your squeeze page.. That’s the correct way to go.. :)

  8. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hallo Vielen Dank für Ihre Geburtstagswünsche und für deinen Kommentar!

    So what does it take to make it online? Well..

    Investment: You need to invest some time and money learning correct internet marketing information and implementing what you’ve learned.

    Testing: Your need to know your numbers. How much targeted traffic (buyers traffic the best) did you get? Whats the conversion rate? Did the previous traffic method, headline etc. converted better than the other one?

    Mindset: Thinking as an internet marketer is very important. You need the correct mindset of a positive person and accept that some “promotions” will work some will be very bad, some websites will not make as much money as you expected and some will make you 10X the money. No matter how many failures you had in your online business you have to continue. If you stop then you will 100% FAIL but if you just look forward then SUCCESS WILL COME earlier than you thought!

    Dedication: You need to focus on whats is important about your business. Eliminate unnecessary things. Dont put everything into one category and tell that everything is important. Set some small goals and make monthly plans. Just get important things done.

    Help: You need to get help from ethical marketers that care (I do) but also in the same time you have to share your help as well. Help others by giving them the best solution for THEM and NOT for your pocket! :)

    About your chest acne remedies website:
    Most people looking for “chest acne remedies” are looking for information but are not still ready to buy. They are in the “research” mode. The most possibly is that you can make more money with Google Adsense than by offering different chest acne products from the Amazon marketplace.

    People looking for “Dermology Acne Treatment” (the product) are most likely to buy because they they’ve already done the research and almost decided to buy. They just don’t know which one of the 4,5 different solutions are the best for them to buy. I would try promoting this product than 100 different “Amazon” products..

    You need to find a way to get back to them. One extremely important tool to use is called an AUTORESPONDER! If you are not building your list then start building it!

    I hope I could help you a little bit. If you have any specific questions just let me know! :)

    You Will Succeed!

    Did you read my affiliate marketing ebook? Get it for FREE here:

    BTW what is your real name?! I cant call you as “Chest acne remedies” I deserve to know your name after this comment… :)

  9. Paul Power Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Happy Birthday, now your 30 it won’t be long till your 40 lol….then it’s downhill all the way.

    Seriously though, a great post, and a little thought for you all.

    In order to succeed, a good mentor is what you need, but you also MUST have a compelling reason to help you work a little each day on your business. Being motivated is great, and as Christmas and 2012 are approaching we all are looking forward to the New years resolution we make then ultimately break, as the reason we have is simply not strong enough.

    A lot of people think I am mad, but this works plain and simple, which is why I am going to launch my first product on the Warrior Forum as a warrior special offer, I make some money, then repeat the trick. This is the way to go if you want to make a good living, your own products, as you build a BUYERS list, and not just a subscribers list.

    Although both are good, a buyers list is viatl as you know people have trusted you enough to buy from you, so trust your instincts, and take care.


  10. Jon@lethal commission Says:

    Happy B-Day. Hope you have a good one.

  11. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Jon!

    Thank you for your birthday wishes! Yes I had a good one… :)

    Wish you all the best,

  12. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Paul!

    Thank you for your birthday wishes. :)

    Arg!! What do you mean? That going from 30 to 40 is faster than
    going from 20 to 30? I guess time really flies. 30 came without
    even realizing it.

    Yea new years resolution is definitelly not strong enough. Most people
    quit after the first week of January which is very upset. I am becoming
    stronger and stronger each year. I know that I could be much MUCH stronger
    but as weird as it sounds for some, I am afraid of success. Once you reach
    a level of success eg. $100/day then you get used to it and seems that
    any eg. $70 day is a failure which is totally NOT but only a smaller

    There are many marketers that although have enough knowledge, take action
    are not that successful yet because of not developing the correct mindset.

    With your help I am developing the correct mindset every day and BIGGER success
    (eg. making $100k/mo by working less than today) will come em.. sooner than my 40th birthday! (lol) :)

    With your help and Ray’s help I had my first $380 day! THANK YOU PAUL AND RAY! :)

    Lets helps other people as well Paul, because after so many years I can see
    that the mindset is extremelly important. As you say in your latest blog post (http://paul-powers-blog.com/motivation-or-finding-a-reason-to-change-your-life/) you have to
    find a reason to change your life. Most people are afraid to change it even if it means they can live exactly like they’ve been always dreamed of.

    Yea definitelly. A buyers list worth 10X more than a usual subscriber list and building
    that list with WSO is an excellent move. I am sure it will go well because it
    contains real valualbe internet marketing information that will help many newbies.
    You’ve put long hours into creating your product and you deserve to get into the next “level” of success!

    Wish you all the best,


  13. Barry Wells Says:

    Hi Andreas, I’m glad to hear that you had a good birthday and even more pleased to hear that you were making money on autopilot during the day ;)

    You’re absolutely right about avoiding the scammy products online. I don’t buy anything anymore unless it fits in with my plans or I’m going to use it right now.

    Buying items to sit on the back burner until I’m ready to use them is also a No No now.

    Congratulations on making money online and it looks like you’re making some large amounts, well done ;)

    I think it’s great that you’re offering to help people get started and make money online. I’ve given you a shout out on Facebook and G+ so I hope that lots of people come over and grab the opportunity.

    Best of luck to you my friend, here’s to the next $100,000 in your bank.


  14. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Barry!

    Thanks for your good comments and for the G+ invitation!

    Yea. The internet is full of scammy products that only helps newbies NOT to make money online. On the other hand fortunately there are good products and services that really help both newbies and advanced marketers build an online business. Like a real business it takes time and investments in good services and information.

    My aim is to help newbies get out of the newbie’s hamster wheel by directing them only to REAL information products and services that I believe will really help them move forward/.
    I am simply mad about all the scammy products I bought in that past, promising me overnight riches. Arrrgg! :(

    Yea I am approaching the $100k mark but the money was NOT made in 7 days a month or a year. For this reason I often feel that I am not that good like those fake “I made $1million with Clickbank in just 26 days” etc. Newbies are buying all these because they think they will become overnight millionaires. Well I was as well a few years ago and my first goal was to make $1m which is impossible for someone without help and real knowledge to achieve! The very first goal should be $10 then go higher.. We all start from there. :)

    Thanks for the shout on Facebook and G+! I really appreciate it that mate! :)
    Once again thanks for your good words as well!

    Take care,

    PS. Money was also used on outsourcing as well. I am following your “outsourcing” blog post. I am thinking to outsource my blog comments as well.. (LOL). Hehe just joking you. I will personally let you know what I think about your posts very soon.

  15. Glenny Says:

    Hi there, just wanted to mention, I liked this blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  16. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Thank you Glenny,

    I will try writing more inspiring posts and help you oute more.

    Take care,

  17. Cindy Says:

    OK I’m not up2date, but last week I turned to 30 and I was just searching on the web for the age of 30, when I came to your blog:) And I have to tell you that I like your text so much!:)

  18. Jeremy @ Internet Marketing in 2012 Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Congratulations on all of your success. I was one of those newbies searching for answers and buying hundreds in shiny products myself at one point. It is too easy to overload yourself with knowledge and not actually take action. I was lucky enough to make $10 my first month, eve though it cost more to make that $10.

    I gave up and let a few years go by until I decided to try again. I now have a coach and am making probably about 10% of what you are, but I am taking action and building my business everyday. I am 30 also and hope to be making at least $100 a day by the time I am 31… =)

    Talk soon,

    ~Jeremy Ruggles

  19. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Jeremy!

    Thanks for your comment and for your good words.

    Exactly. We all used to be newbies and fall in this “information overload” and “do nothing” mode believing that success can be easily achieved. Unfortunately it requires dedication, proper information and help from other that care about us.

    You have to take action on things that will help you move forward. If you spend time on things that will produce “results” in your business then success will come. Remember not everything is important. We think that everything is important and that we have to follow all the latest tactics to succeed but the most times we don’t need to. We have to eliminate things that doesn’t worth our time and stay focused on the most important things.

    I am happy to see that you decided to try again. Remember to always ask for help, learn from your mistakes (because you will make LOTS of them – we ALL make) and take massive action and you will reach the goal you set until you are 31 (or even sooner!).

    Take care,

  20. Paul Power Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I would like to say to Jeremy that he has taken a very necessary step in building his online business by getting a mentor.

    Internet marketing has a very high learning curve, and as a result this is why so many people fail, as they don’t really realise how difficult this business can be.

    I wish Jeremy all the best in his online endearvours and my door is open to him should he wish to talk to me.

    Take Care,


  21. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hey Paul! Thanks for your comment.

    Indeed. Like Jeremy, you Paul and me, we are climbing to the next level of success every day because A) we are taking action and B) we are accepting help from a mentor but also help from other marketers that care.

    Most newbies are afraid to take action because they are scared that they will fail. That’s why they are buying the shiniest (fake) and easiest solutions like 1-click push button solutions.

    I was also afraid a lot to take action and then fail a little bit. But you know what?! Failing is a part of success!

    I wanted to make $100 a day by my first month (WITHOUT help) or else I would consider myself as a failure. First month $0, second month $10, third month $5 etc..

    Last year I had several $200 or even $380 days because I wasn’t focusing in the failure part (things that didn’t work) but focusing on what was really important for my business and took massive action!

    Well Paul I think you are a total failure. Why?! Because you are not making $10.000 with your article marketing system and you haven’t sold at least 100.000 copies of your first WSO. HaHa! Just kidding you Paul 

    Congratulations about your first WSO! I cannot believe that you already sold more than 100 copies of your MassTrafficAttack product. http://www.masstrafficattack.com/wso

    Most top internet marketers out there did FEWER sales than you are now in your first product launch Paul. However if we always compare our self with the top internet marketers then we will feel that we are not achieving success which is not true. You Paul are one of the ex-newbies marketers out there that I would listen to your advice even though I started marketing online earlier than you.

    Wish you all the best helping other struggled newbies to find success online.

    Take care,

  22. Paul Power Says:

    Hi Andreas,

    Yes indeed taking action is the key, however without a mentor, and the determination and willingness to listen and take action, newbies very rarely succeed.

    They jump on each of the big launches in the futile hope of this makiing them the big buks, but sadly they very rarely do as they have not built the foundations of their business.

    The basic foundations of this business, and yes it is a business and must be treated as one, have to be built on solid ground. If not, and the foundations are built on sand, then the business will soon disappear, and people will leave internet marketing bitterly disappointed.

    Another good ingredient in you fledgling business, is the ability to be slightly different to other marketers. I’m not talking about not promoting products, I am saying create your headlines and emails slightly differently from the swipes you see on affiliate sites, as thousands of people will see the same email time and time again, and as such will get fed up with seeing the same promos, and not open them, let alone give a vital click.

    All in all there are many different facets in starting an internet business, and I may well start my own mentoring soon, so watch this space.

    Take Care All,

    Paul Power.
    Large Ape Marketing.

  23. Samantha Says:

    Hi there I really enjoyed your informative blog post on 3. Thank you for your help!

  24. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    You welcome Samantha. Happy to help you.


  25. Whebe Says:

    Glad to hear that from an expert who truly deserves of his success, I honestly want to be like you but then I can’t seems get enough and nobody else had given me a chance to prove my skills. They always asked for an experienced but how people like me be able to have it when there’s seems n one to give us a chance and be hired. I guess I must give up on it and ideally find another job.

  26. AndreasSpyrou Says:

    Hi Whebe!

    Thank you for your good comments. You really make me feel embarrass.. Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)

    You know success comes after having the desire to first FAIL a million times (and this might not enough! :) ) where in the meantime you are learning and taking action on a daily basis.

    I know its true that in most jobs will not want to hire someone that doesn’t has good skills.
    A business man will always want to hire someone that can make them MORE money by giving him LESS money. They don’t care about you. But by not learning and developing your skills you will never improve your self and you will always get back to zero point. You can accept to do a job and get paid less in the beginning so that you can get knowledge and skills.

    You have to identify your strength and FOCUS on them. If you know that you have the skills and develop them eg. writing good articles then focus on that and offer your services for less money in the beginning and after getting the experience and offer them something that can make them more money they will not only give you the change but beg you to hire you! :)

    Get in touch with me at: http://www.andreasspyrou.com/support

    Take care,

  27. Paul Power Says:

    I would like to respond to Whebe’s comment.

    I am sorry to hear that no one wants to help you make money online, as there are plenty of good mentor’s out there that will genuinely help you, yes it will cost money, but to be successful you must be prepared to invest in your business.

    Please do not give up, you may always contact myself, and I will be delighted to help you devise a plan of action to ensure that you can start to make money, and not have to go back to a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

    Take Care,

    Paul Power.

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